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Skillsoft FAQ

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Trouble logging in?
Run this simple test to make sure your browser and system are configured properly with Skillport. If your system is configured properly and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact learning@acm.org or call ACM Member Services:

1-800-342-6626 (US/Canada)
+1-212-626-0500 (Global)

Office Hours
8:30 am – 4:30 pm Eastern (GMT -4)

Chrome Users
If you are receiving the following error upon logging into Skillport using Chrome, simply click OK to proceed with your session. This is a known issue and will be addressed by Skillsoft with an upcoming patch.

Trouble Launching/Downloading a Course?
Run this simple test to make sure your browser and system are configured properly with Skillport.

For more on Skillport system and browser support, please consult Skillsoft's Client System Requirements.

How Do I Download and Play a Course Offline?
To download a course for use offline you must first install the Skillsoft Course Manager (SCM). Please follow the following instructions to install the SCM and download courses from Skillport.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that if you have downloaded or plan to download any of the courses marked to be removed in a "Course Exchange" for offline use into the Skillsoft Course Manager (SCM), your progress will not be synced with Skillport after the date of this exchange. If you have started any of the courses affected by the course exchange, make sure to complete them and log in to the Skillport website before the announced deadline to sync your progress and print the completion records—transcript records will not be available after the courses have been removed.

Certification Questions?
Although many of Skillsoft's courses are aligned with popular IT and business certifications, neither ACM nor Skillsoft provide vendor certifications directly.

  • Info on Project Management Institute (PMI)-aligned certification courses (CAPM and PMP). Apply for a Certificate of Completion for Professional Development Units (PDUs).
  • Information on Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits in Information Systems Security (ISC)2 tracks such as CISSP can be found here.
  • Information on CEU credits for popular CompTIA certifications here.

What Are the Folders in My Plan?
By default, you will see three folders displayed when you click on My Plan in the top left navigation:

  1. The Assigned folder is for courses assigned to you by your training manager (the ACM Learning Center). Although there may be courses suggested for you in this folder, you are not required to take or complete any part of them.
  2. The Personal folder is for your personal use. Add any courses or other training assets to this one.
  3. The Development Plan folder is for training manager use only. It is currently inactive, though it may be used to create collaborative development plans in the future.

How Do I Access Mentoring Services?
Many of our IT and business certification-track courses include live and email-based mentoring from certified professionals. You can access mentoring in one of two ways:

  1. Through the Course Catalog: click on the Ask My Mentor Icon in the Details section of each course.
  2. From the Skillsoft Course Player window: First, click the Show Resources and Settings button on the bottom panel.

    Then, choose Ask My Mentor from the left navigation on the next screen.

Accessing Books 24x7
Since both courses and Books 24x7 are hosted by Skillsoft, both are now accessible through Skillport. You may access books directly by clicking through to the book detail page from the Ebook Catalog.

Or, you can access the Books 24x7 homepage by clicking on either Books 24x7 or Skillsoft Courses in the upper right corner of the Learning Center homepage. Either link brings you to Skillport, where you can access Books 24x7 by clicking on one of two links, located in the upper right corner and left navigation, respectively.

Sniffer Applet
If the following window pops up on your screen, it is simply asking your permission to check if the Skillsoft Course Manager (SCM) is installed on your computer. If you do not wish to have the download feature enabled to play Skillsoft courses offline, opt out by clicking Cancel. Otherwise, click Run to enable offline downloads (this will set a cookie which allows Skillport to download and sync offline progress)


Maintenance Downtime:
Please note that Skillport is down for maintenance during the following times:

  • ♦ Sunday, 1-3 p.m. ET
  • ♦ Wednesday, 1-2 a.m. ET

Skillsoft courses and Books 24x7 books are not available during these times.

Course Catalog:
We are currently updating the ACM course catalog to reflect our migration to SkillSoft. In the meantime, please log into Skillport through the SkillSoft Courses link and click on Catalog in Skillport's left navigation to check out all available courses. Thank you for your patience


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