ACM Learning Paths

Built by top-notch computing educators, trainers, and expert professionals specifically for busy software developers, engineers, architects, and technical managers, ACM Learning Paths are practical, hands-on educational training tools designed to help IT professionals grow their skills and put them on the track to mastering today’s most essential programming languages and technologies. Learning Paths are educational road maps that not only tell computing professionals how to get from point A to point B, but why they should take the journey.

Meticulously crafted by well-known technology experts, Learning Paths can contain a variety of resources, including—but not limited to—slides, essays, code diagrams, exercises, demos, and other materials the authors deem necessary. This new educational program is designed to extend current skills and provide an entry point into new ones.

Your path to practical computing knowledge starts here:



WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS Education is not about the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire!WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS

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