ACM Python Learning Path

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Bill Punch


The Python Learning Path serves as a short introduction to the Python language. It is targeted toward people who have programmed before, showing the differences and unique features of Python. It focuses on learning by discussing features and then examining the use of those features in a number of simple, but hopefully interesting, examples.

Learning a new programming language should be fun, so we hope that this little tutorial will be exactly that! Enjoy.

Bill Punch
Michigan State University

PS: This Learning Path is taught in Python 3. To follow along most effectively, I strongly recommend that you download the latest version of Python 3.

Getting Python is easy. Just navigage to and find the Download link in the left column. Select your version and target operating system. For our work here we will be working with the latest version of Python 3, version 3.2.2. Working with an earlier version may give you indigestion as portions of what we discuss here will not work in the Python 2 branch.



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The important thing is not to stop questioning.


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