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Courses levels span Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skills and include Learning Paths and exam preparation tracks for some of today's hottest certifications, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP); Kubernetes, Tableau, and more.

Important: June 14, 2023 Pluralsight Course Swap
On June 14, 2023, ACM will be conducting a Pluralsight "Course Swap," removing the courses in the left column below based on their utilization, and adding courses in the right column based on member feedback/demand and to ensure the currency and completeness of learning paths. Be sure to finish your training with any courses in the left column by June 13, 2023.

Courses to be removed June 14, 2023 Courses to be added June 14, 2023
  1. .NET 5 Class Libraries: The Big Picture
  2. .NET Diagnostics for Applications: Best Practices
  3. .NET Regular Expressions
  4. Accessibility: Exploring Images and Media
  5. Accessibility: Keyboard Input and Forms
  6. Accessibility: Testing and Screen Reader Use
  7. Accessibility: Website Structure and Comprehension
  8. Accessing SQL Server Databases from Windows PowerShell
  9. Applying Machine Learning to your Data with GCP
  10. ASP.NET Core 3 Microservices: Getting Started
  11. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Testing with Appium and SpecFlow 3
  12. Build a Conversational AI Solution with Microsoft Azure
  13. Build a Face Recognition Solution with Microsoft Azure Face API
  14. Build a Form Recognizer With Microsoft Azure Computer Vision
  15. Build a Knowledge Mining Solution with Microsoft Azure
  16. Build a Language Model by Using Language Understanding Service (LUIS)
  17. Build a Natural Language Processing Solution with Microsoft Azure
  18. Build a Speech Recognition Solution with Microsoft Azure
  19. Build a Video Indexer with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service
  20. Build an Image Classifier with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service
  21. Build an Object Detection Solution with Microsoft Azure Custom Vision Service
  22. Build Machine Learning Models with Azure Machine Learning Designer
  23. Build Optimal Models with Azure Automated ML
  24. Build Your First Data Visualization with Altair 4
  25. Build Your First Data Visualization with amCharts 4
  26. Build Your First Data Visualization with AnyChart 8
  27. Build Your First Data Visualization with Bokeh
  28. Build your First Data Visualization with C3.js
  29. Build Your First Data Visualization with CanvasJS
  30. Build Your First Data Visualization with ChartBlocks
  31. Build Your First Data Visualization with Charticulator 1
  32. Build Your First Data Visualization with Frappe 1
  33. Build Your First Data Visualization with FusionCharts
  34. Build Your First Data Visualization with ggplot2
  35. Build Your First Data Visualization with Google Charts
  36. Build Your First Data Visualization with Highcharts 8
  37. Build Your First Data Visualization with Matplotlib
  38. Build Your First Data Visualization with MicroStrategy
  39. Build Your First Data Visualization with NVD3
  40. Build Your First Data Visualization with Pygal 2
  41. Build Your First Data Visualization with RAWGraphs 1
  42. Build Your First Data Visualization with Seaborn
  43. Building Advanced Windows PowerShell 4 Functions and Modules
  44. Building Configurable Applications Using .NET 5 Generic Host
  45. Building CRUD Actions in a JavaScript REST API
  46. Building Effective Dashboards with Tableau Desktop
  47. Building Effective Data Communications with Tableau Desktop
  48. Building Features from Image Data
  49. Building Features from Nominal Data
  50. Building Features from Numeric Data
  51. Building Features from Text Data
  52. Building Multithreaded C# 8 Applications with the Task Parallel Library
  53. Building Secure Applications with Cryptography in .NET
  54. Building Windows PowerShell GUIs in WPF for Free
  55. Building Your First Data Science Project in Microsoft Azure
  56. Caching JavaScript REST API Data with Local Storage
  57. Choosing the Appropriate Microsoft Azure Services and Features
  58. Cleaning and Preparing Data in Microsoft Azure
  59. Coding in AWS Cloud9 IDE
  60. Collecting and Preparing Data for Tableau Desktop
  61. Create and Publish Pipelines for Batch Inferencing with Azure
  62. Creating & Deploying Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio Solutions
  63. Creating Dashboards with Power BI
  64. Creating Maintainable Contexts for Automated Testing
  65. Creating Reports with Power BI
  66. Data Literacy: Essentials of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services
  67. Dates and Times in .NET 2
  68. Debugging Windows PowerShell in VS Code
  69. Deploying ASP.NET Core 3 Microservices Using Kubernetes and AKS
  70. Deploying Code with AWS CodeDeploy
  71. Deploying Data Pipelines in Microsoft Azure
  72. Deploying Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure SQL Database
  73. Deploying SQL Server Containers in Microsoft Azure
  74. Designing an API Management Strategy for Microsoft Azure
  75. Designing an Intelligent Edge in Microsoft Azure
  76. Designing Deployments in Microsoft Azure
  77. Designing Machine Learning Solutions on Microsoft Azure
  78. Designing Migrations for Microsoft Azure
  79. Developing AI Models in Microsoft Azure
  80. Developing Applications with AWS Lightsail
  81. Developing Microsoft Azure Intelligent Edge Solutions
  82. Developing Models in Microsoft Azure
  83. Developing Websites for Accessibility: Getting Started
  84. Developing with .NET on Microsoft Azure - Getting Started
  85. Developing with Node.js on Microsoft Azure - Getting Started
  86. DevOps with GitHub and Azure: Implementing Infrastructure as Code
  87. DevOps with Github and Azure: Implementing Package Management with GitHub
  88. DevOps with Github and Azure: Implementing Release Strategies with Azure
  89. DevOps with GitHub and Azure: Implementing Software Supply Chain Security with GitHub
  90. DevOps with GitHub and Azure: Implementing Source Control with GitHub
  91. DevOps with GitHub and Azure: The Big Picture
  92. Evaluating Model Effectiveness in Microsoft Azure
  93. Exam Alert: Design Business Continuity in Microsoft Azure
  94. Exam Alert: Design Data Storage in Microsoft Azure
  95. Exam Alert: Design Identity and Security in Microsoft Azure
  96. Exam Alert: Design Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure
  97. Exam Alert: Design Monitoring in Microsoft Azure
  98. Experimental Design for Data Analysis
  99. Exploring Data in Microsoft Azure Using Kusto Query Language and Azure Data Explorer
  100. Feature Selection and Extraction in Microsoft Azure
  101. Getting Started with JSON in C# Using Json.NET 12
  102. Getting Started with UI Testing and Appium 1
  103. Globalization in C# 9 Applications: Best Practices
  104. Identifying Security Requirements of an AI Solution
  105. Implementing a Cloud Data Warehouse in Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics
  106. Implementing a Data Management Strategy for an ASP.NET Core Microservices Architecture
  107. Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Bot Framework Solution
  108. Implementing a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search Solution
  109. Implementing a Relational Database in Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  110. Implementing ADO.NET 4 with C# 8
  111. Implementing Cross-cutting Concerns for ASP.NET Core 3 Microservices
  112. Implementing Hybrid Data Solutions in Microsoft Azure
  113. Implementing Message Brokering with Amazon MQ
  114. Implementing NoSQL Databases in Microsoft Azure
  115. Implementing Pub/Sub Messaging with Amazon SNS
  116. Implementing User Access and Authentication with Amazon Cognito
  117. Infrastructure Testing with Pester 3
  118. Integrating Appium 1 into a DevOps Pipeline
  119. Introduction to .NET Testing with NUnit 3
  120. Introduction to Developing Custom Components with ARIA 1
  121. Introduction to the AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions Exam
  122. Introduction to the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Certification
  123. JavaScript REST APIs: Getting Started
  124. JavaScript REST APIs: The Big Picture
  125. Managing Microsoft Azure AI Solutions
  126. Managing Software Packages with AWS CodeArtifact
  127. Managing Source Control with AWS CodeCommit
  128. Manipulating Data in Tableau Desktop
  129. Mapping Spatial Data in Tableau Desktop
  130. Meeting Web Accessibility Guidelines (Section 508/ WCAG 2.1)
  131. Message Queuing with Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  132. Microservices Communication in ASP.NET Core 3
  133. Microsoft Azure AI Engineer: Deploying AI Solutions in Microsoft Azure
  134. Microsoft Azure AI Engineer: Developing ML Pipelines in Microsoft Azure
  135. Microsoft Azure Alert Configuration Playbook
  136. Microsoft Azure Database Monitoring Playbook
  137. Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating and Integrating AI with Azure Services
  138. Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating IoT Solutions
  139. Microsoft Azure Developer: Developing for Autoscaling
  140. Microsoft Azure Developer: Enabling Search of Textual Content
  141. Microsoft Azure Developer: Ensuring Configurability
  142. Microsoft Azure Developer: Managing Code Reviews with Azure DevOps
  143. Microsoft Azure Developer: Refactoring Code
  144. Microsoft Azure for .NET 3 Developers - Building Secure Services and Applications
  145. Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers - Cloud Patterns and Architecture
  146. Microsoft Azure for Node.js Developers - Building Secure Services and Applications
  147. Microsoft Azure for Node.js Developers - Cloud Patterns and Architecture
  148. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design a Compute Solution
  149. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design a Logging and Monitoring Solution
  150. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design Authentication
  151. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design Data Integration
  152. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design for Backup and Recovery
  153. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design for Cost Optimization
  154. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design for Databases
  155. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design for High Availability
  156. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design Governance
  157. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design Migrations
  158. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design Security for Applications
  159. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Design Storage Accounts
  160. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Strategy
  161. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Containerization Strategy
  162. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Governance Strategy
  163. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Hybrid Identities Strategy
  164. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Load Balancing and Networking Security Strategy
  165. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a NoSQL Databases Strategy
  166. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Storage Strategy
  167. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Virtual Machine Strategy
  168. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Virtual Networking Strategy
  169. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Workload Management Strategy
  170. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement an Application Infrastructure Strategy
  171. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement an Application Security Strategy
  172. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement an Automation Strategy for Resource Deployment
  173. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement an Azure Active Directory Strategy
  174. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement an Azure SQL Databases Strategy
  175. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Introduction to the AZ-303 Exam
  176. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Introduction to the AZ-304 Exam
  177. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Preparing for the AZ-304 Exam
  178. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Automating Communication
  179. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Communicating and Collaborating with Stakeholders
  180. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing a Failure Prediction Strategy
  181. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing a Package Management Strategy
  182. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing a Sensitive Information Strategy
  183. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing an Application Infrastructure Management Strategy
  184. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing an Authentication and Authorization Strategy
  185. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing and Implementing Health Checks
  186. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing and Implementing Logging
  187. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing and Implementing Telemetry
  188. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing Build Automation
  189. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Designing Governance Enforcement Mechanisms
  190. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Developing a Modern Source Control Strategy
  191. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Developing an Actionable Alerting Strategy
  192. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Developing Deployment Scripts and Templates
  193. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Developing Security and Compliance
  194. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Generating DevOps Process Documentation
  195. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Implementing Orchestration Automation Solutions
  196. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Implementing, Maintaining, and Standardizing Build Strategies
  197. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Integrating Source Control with Tools
  198. Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Planning Deployment Environment Strategies
  199. Mocking with Moq 4 and NUnit
  200. Monitoring Microsoft Azure Data Pipelines and Processing
  201. Monitoring Microsoft Azure Data Storage
  202. Operationalizing Microsoft Azure AI Solutions
  203. Optimizing Microsoft Azure AI Solutions
  204. Optimizing Microsoft Azure Data Solutions
  205. Performing Continuous Delivery with AWS CodeStar
  206. Practicing CI/CD with AWS CodePipeline
  207. Preparing Data for Feature Engineering and Machine Learning
  208. Reducing Complexity in Data
  209. Reporting with Windows PowerShell HTML and Enhanced HTML
  210. Securing a JavaScript REST API with JSON Web Tokens
  211. Securing Microservices in ASP.NET Core
  212. Sourcing Data in Microsoft Azure
  213. Splunk Enterprise Administration: Configuring Distributed Search
  214. Splunk Enterprise Administration: Managing Data and Forwarders
  215. Splunk Enterprise Administration: Managing Users and Authentication
  216. Splunk Enterprise Administration: Monitoring and Creating Inputs
  217. Splunk Enterprise Administration: Parsing and Manipulating Data
  218. Splunk Enterprise Administration: Working with Configuration Files and Indexes
  219. Strategies for Microservice Scalability and Availability in ASP.NET Core
  220. String Manipulation in C#: Best Practices
  221. Tableau Desktop Playbook: Building Common Chart Types
  222. Testing Windows PowerShell with Pester
  223. Uploading Files with a JavaScript REST API
  224. Using Calculated Fields in Tableau Desktop
  225. Using Integrated Analytics in Tableau Desktop
  226. Using Microsoft Azure Security Tools to Protect AI Solutions
  227. Using Reflection in a C# Application: Best Practices
  228. Versioning and Evolving Microservices in ASP.NET Core 3
  229. Windows PowerShell 4 Toolmaking Fundamentals
  230. Windows PowerShell and Regular Expressions
  231. Windows PowerShell Best Practices and Patterns
  232. Windows PowerShell Remoting Fundamentals
  233. Windows Workflows with Windows PowerShell
  234. Working with C# 9 Generics: Best Practices
  235. Working with CSV Data in Windows PowerShell
  236. Working with XML Data in Windows PowerShell
  237. Working with XML in C#
  238. Writing Maintainable UI Test Automation with Appium 1
  1. Accessing Non-relational Databases in Go
  2. Accessing Relational Databases in Go
  3. Accessing, Expanding, and Troubleshooting an EKS Cluster
  4. Advanced Cyber Defense Analysis with Wireshark
  5. Angular 14: The Big Picture
  6. ASP.NET Core 6 Blazor Fundamentals
  7. ASP.NET Core 6 Clean Architecture
  8. ASP.NET Core 6 Crash Course
  9. ASP.NET Core 6 Performance
  10. ASP.NET Core 6 Playbook
  11. ASP.NET Core 6 Web API Deep Dive
  12. ASP.NET Core 6 Web API: Best Practices
  13. Asset Security for CISSP®
  14. Asynchronous Programming in C# 10
  15. Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core 6
  16. Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core 6 Web API
  17. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: Exam Prep
  18. AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01)
  19. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C03)
  20. AWS Certified SysOps Admin - Associate
  21. AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals
  22. AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Prep
  23. AZ-305: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  24. AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
  25. AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  26. Azure DevOps Services Fundamentals
  27. Becoming a Better Communicator
  28. Becoming an Xcode Power User
  29. Building a Data-driven ASP.NET Core 6 Blazor Server Application with EF Core
  30. Building an Application Using Java SE 17
  31. Building Apps with Amazon Honeycode
  32. Building Batch Data Pipelines on GCP
  33. Building Code with AWS CodeBuild
  34. Building Dashboards from Prometheus Data in Grafana
  35. Building Data Visualizations Using Matplotlib
  36. Building Data-driven Apps with AWS AppSync
  37. Building Deep Learning Models Using PyTorch
  38. Building Multi-step Applications with AWS Step Functions
  39. Building Resilient Streaming Analytics Systems on Google Cloud
  40. Building Web Applications with Node.js and Express
  41. C# 10 Advanced Language Features
  42. C# 10 Best Practices
  43. C# 10 Dependency Injection
  44. C# 10 Performance Playbook
  45. C# 10 Unit Testing
  46. C++20 Algorithms Playbook
  47. C++20 Fundamentals
  48. Class Libraries in C# 10
  49. CloudKit Fundamentals
  50. Collections and Generics in C# 10
  51. Collections in Rust 2021
  52. Communication and Network Security for CISSP®
  53. Conducting UX Research
  54. Configuration and Options in ASP.NET Core 6
  55. Configure NAT and VPNs Using Palo Alto Firewalls
  56. Configuring, Compiling, and Debugging TypeScript 4 Projects
  57. Connecting Amazon DynamoDB to Your Application
  58. Core Python: Abstract Base Classes
  59. Creating Dashboards with Power BI
  60. Cypress 9 Fundamentals
  61. Data Access in C# 10 Fundamentals
  62. Data Access in Java SE 17 Fundamentals
  63. Debugging and Error Handling in ASP.NET Core 6 Web API
  64. Debugging C# 10
  65. Debugging in Go
  66. Debugging Rust 2021 Applications
  67. Defending Against JavaScript Keylogger Attacks on Payment Card Information
  68. Defense Evasion with Meterpreter
  69. Demonstrating the Business Value of Power Automate (PL-900)
  70. Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core 6
  71. Deploying and Managing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Networking
  72. Deploying ASP.NET Core 6 to Azure App Services
  73. Deploying ASP.NET Core 6 Web API to Azure API Management
  74. Developing a Google SRE Culture
  75. Developing an Asynchronous ASP.NET Core 6 Web API
  76. Developing Docker Apps: Core Principles
  77. Developing Java Apps with Docker
  78. DevOps Foundations: Operational Strategies
  79. DevOps Foundations: Planning and Implementing a DevOps Strategy
  80. DevOps Foundations: Test-driven Development
  81. Documenting an ASP.NET Core 6 Web API Using Swagger
  82. EF Core 6: Best Practices
  83. EF Core 6: The Big Picture
  84. Ethical Hacking: Cloud Computing
  85. Ethical Hacking: Cryptography
  86. Ethical Hacking: Enumeration
  87. Ethical Hacking: Exam Review and Tips
  88. Ethical Hacking: Hacking IoT and OT
  89. Ethical Hacking: Hacking Mobile Platforms
  90. Ethical Hacking: Hacking Wireless Networks
  91. Ethical Hacking: Malware Threats
  92. Ethical Hacking: Network and Perimeter Hacking
  93. Ethical Hacking: Reconnaissance/Footprinting
  94. Ethical Hacking: Scanning Networks
  95. Ethical Hacking: Sniffing
  96. Ethical Hacking: System Hacking
  97. Ethical Hacking: Understanding Ethical Hacking
  98. Ethical Hacking: Vulnerability Analysis
  99. Ethical Hacking: Web Application Hacking
  100. Exam Review and Tips for CISSP®
  101. Exception Handling in Java SE 17
  102. Executing Graph Algorithms with GraphFrames on Databricks
  103. Exploratory Data Analysis with Python
  104. Extending ASP.NET Core 6
  105. Fundamental Cloud Concepts for AWS
  106. Generics and Traits in Rust 2021
  107. Getting Started with Ansible
  108. Getting Started with Apache Spark on Databricks
  109. Getting Started with Argo CD
  110. Getting Started with EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)
  111. Getting Started with Linux
  112. Getting Started with OpenShift 4
  113. Getting Started with Rancher
  114. Getting Started with Terraform Cloud
  115. GitLab Fundamentals
  116. GitOps Automations for Multiple EKS Environments
  117. Globalization and Internationalization in ASP.NET Core 6
  118. Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
  119. Handling Batch Data with Apache Spark on Databricks
  120. Handling Data and Stateful Applications in Docker and Kubernetes
  121. Identity and Access Management (IAM) for CISSP®
  122. Implement User-ID on Palo Alto Firewalls
  123. Implementing Docker Security
  124. Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Organizations
  125. Implementing Terraform with Google Cloud Platform
  126. Incident Response: Host Analysis
  127. Incorporating Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in Your System Design
  128. Integrating Automated Security Testing Tools
  129. Introduction to Security and Architecture on AWS
  130. Introduction to the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) Exam
  131. Java SE 17 Advanced Language Features
  132. Java SE 17 Best Practices
  133. Java SE 17 Creational Design Patterns
  134. Java SE 17 Performance with JMeter
  135. Java SE 17 Playbook
  136. Java SE 17 Unit Testing with JUnit
  137. Java SE 17: The Big Picture
  138. Kubernetes for Developers: Moving from Docker Compose to Kubernetes
  139. Kubernetes Security: Cluster Setup
  140. Kubernetes Security: Implementing Monitoring, Logging, and Runtime Security
  141. Kubernetes Security: Minimizing Microservice Vulnerabilities
  142. Kubernetes Security: System Hardening
  143. Line of Business (LOB) Apps with Canvas PowerApps and Flow
  144. LINQ Fundamentals in C# 10
  145. Log File Analysis with Python
  146. Logging and Management in Java SE 17
  147. Malware Detection and Analysis with Python
  148. Manage Palo Alto Firewalls with Panorama and Implement High Availability
  149. Managing and Monitoring Access on AWS
  150. Managing Errors in Go
  151. Managing Go Projects
  152. Mapping Real-world Classes in EF Core 6
  153. Memory Ownership and Borrowing in Rust 2021
  154. Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals: Preparing to Take the PL-900 Exam
  155. MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) Fundamentals
  156. Moving Data with Snowflake
  157. Network Activity and Packet Analysis with Python
  158. Network Management and Operations
  159. Network Security Basics
  160. Network Troubleshooting and Tools
  161. Next.js 13 Fundamentals
  162. Object-oriented Programming in C# 10
  163. Object-oriented Programming in Java SE 17
  164. Object-oriented Programming in Rust 2021
  165. Optimizing an EKS Cluster for Price and Performance
  166. Optimizing Apache Spark on Databricks
  167. Payment Card Security, Processing, and the PCI Standards
  168. PCI DSS v4: What's New
  169. PCI DSS: Achieving and Maintaining Compliance
  170. PCI DSS: Detection, Assurance, and Management
  171. PCI DSS: Infrastructure Security
  172. PCI DSS: Restricting Access to Cardholder Data
  173. PCI DSS: Securing Data, Systems, and Applications
  174. PCI DSS: The State of Cardholder Data Attacks
  175. PowerShell: Getting Started
  176. Predictive Analytics Using Apache Spark MLlib on Databricks
  177. Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam
  178. Processing Streaming Data with Apache Spark on Databricks
  179. Production Machine Learning Systems
  180. Putting Windows PowerShell to Work
  181. Python 3 Fundamentals
  182. Python Functions and Libraries for Cybersecurity
  183. Query Caching Performance Features with Snowflake
  184. Querying Data with Snowflake
  185. React 18 Fundamentals
  186. React 18 with Create-React-App Playbook
  187. React 18 with Next.js Playbook
  188. React 18: The Big Picture
  189. Refactoring to SOLID Java SE 17 Code
  190. Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process
  191. RHEL 8: Managing Security
  192. RHEL 8: Managing Users and Groups
  193. Secure Coding with OWASP in ASP.NET Core 6
  194. Secure Coding with OWASP in C# 10
  195. Securing ASP.NET Core 6 with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect
  196. Securing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Clusters
  197. Securing Your GitHub Project
  198. Security and Risk Management: Concepts and Principles for CISSP®
  199. Security and Risk Management: Policies and Procedures for CISSP®
  200. Security Architecture and Engineering: Build Defenses for CISSP®
  201. Security Architecture and Engineering: Understand the Design Principles for CISSP®
  202. Security Assessment and Testing for CISSP®
  203. Security Operations: Provision, Baseline, and Monitor for CISSP®
  204. Security Operations: Respond for CISSP®
  205. Selenium 4: The Big Picture
  206. Setting up Cloud Databases and Tables with Snowflake
  207. Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on Google Cloud
  208. Snowflake Architecture and Overview: Getting Started
  209. Software Development Security for CISSP®
  210. Splunk 9: Configuring and Administering Splunk Indexer Clusters
  211. Spring Boot 2: The Big Picture
  212. Spring Framework: Spring Boot 2 Actuator
  213. String Manipulation and Regex in C# 10
  214. Styling Apps in React 18
  215. System Services and Activity Monitoring with Python
  216. Tableau Desktop Specialist - Understanding Dimensions vs. Measures and Discrete vs. Continuous
  217. TailwindCSS 3 Fundamentals
  218. Testing .NET Code in Visual Studio 2019
  219. Testing in React 18
  220. Understanding AWS Core Services
  221. Unit Testing Fundamentals
  222. Using ASP.NET Core 6 Web API and NoSQL Databases
  223. Using Declarative Jenkins Pipelines
  224. Using GitOps to Automate Kubernetes Deployments with Flux 2
  225. Using gRPC in ASP.NET Core 6
  226. Using Hooks in React 18
  227. UX Design Systems
  228. Visualizing Data via Snowflake
  229. Web Application Penetration Testing with Burp Suite
  230. What Is React?
  231. What's New in .NET 7
  232. What's New in ASP.NET Core 7.0
  233. What's New in Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3
  234. Working with Components in React 18
  235. Working with Pointers and Arrays in C++ 20
  236. Working with Semi-structured Data with Snowflake
  237. Writing Burp Suite Macros and Plugins