Practitioner Board

The Practitioner Board is responsible for developing programs that support the professional needs of ACM members as well as promoting computing as a profession. The Practitioner Board and Professional Development Committee focus on products and services that support and enhance the professional and technical development of practicing computing professionals, including engineers, architects, IT specialists and managers.


  • Practitioner Board

      Terry Coatta  
    Case Studies Committee
      Adam Cole
    Vice Chair
      Marlene Mhangami
      Juan De Joya  
      Scott Hanselman  
      Sabrina Hsueh
      Bruke Kifle
      J McLoughlin
      Rashmi Mohan
      Harald Storrle  
      Sophie Watson
    Past Chair
      Stephen Ibaraki
    DSP Committee Chair
      Gavin Doherty  
    Local Mentoring Committee
      Valerie Woolard

Learning Resource: Practice Labs: Test Network Security by Using Metasploit

In this challenge lab, you will use Metasploit to test the security of your network. First, you will discover targets by using Metasploit. Finally, you will use Metasploit to exploit a target through a UNC link. Note: Once you begin the challenge lab, you will not be able to pause, save, or exit and then return to your challenge lab. Please ensure that you have set aside enough time to complete the challenge lab before you start.

Featured Learning Resource: Practice Lab: Test Network Security by Using Metasploit