Practitioner Board

The Practitioner Board is responsible for developing programs that support the professional needs of ACM members as well as promoting computing as a profession. The Practitioner Board and Professional Development Committee focus on products and services that support and enhance the professional and technical development of practicing computing professionals, including engineers, architects, IT specialists and managers.


  • Practitioner Board

      Terry Coatta  
    Case Studies Committee
      Adam Cole
    DSP Committee
      Jessica Bell
      Eve Andersson  
      Juan  De Joya  
      Scott  Hanselman  
      Sabrina  Hsueh
      Rashmi  Mohan
      Larisa  Sawyer
      Harald  Storrle  
      Sophie  Watson
    Past Chair
      Stephen Ibaraki
    Local Mentoring Committee
      Valerie Woolard

Learning Path: InnerSource

InnerSource is the application of open source methodologies to internally-developed software. While simple to define, InnerSource can be difficult to explain and implement successfully. This learning path gives a simple, easy to understand introduction to InnerSource. It introduces key terms, concepts, and principles for effective InnerSource along with explanations and real examples. It is intended to bring newcomers up to speed as well as provide those with experience a common vocabulary to use when discussing more advanced concepts.

Featured Resource: Learning Path: InnerSource