Monadic Programming for the Web Using React and RxJS with Pat Sissons

Single Page Application (SPA) web development has seen a number of improvements in the last few years. These improvements are typically new frameworks that aim to reduce boilerplate code, improve the efficiency of the development feedback loop, and optimize assets for client delivery and consumption. Broken down into layers, a web application is composed of client interaction handlers, application behavioral state mutations, and visually rendered state in the browser pane. When developing webrx-react, our intent was to take advantage of this breakdown and apply modular components for each of these layers, modelling after the MVVM pattern. A custom built observable object framework based on WebRx handles client interactions, RxJS handles monadic state mutations, and React handles browser rendering. The result is a web framework that focuses the majority of development as either declarative behavior logic or visual rendering templates.

Pat Sissons

Pat Sissons is currently a senior developer at Marine Learning Systems in Vancouver, BC Canada. He has been developing software for more than 10 years, focusing heavily on C# in the early years, transitioning to portable libraries and Xamarin later on, and branching out to front end languages more recently. Pat is a serial technology enthusiast with a passion for understanding how things work. He loves learning new software libraries and languages, and keeping up with the latest trends in software, hardware, architecture, and distributed systems.