Is Blockchain a Branch of AI? with Toufi Saliba

This talk will be a sneak peek at ACM AiDecentralized, an ACM global initiative to collide AI practitioners with Blockchainers in conferences across major cities. Unlike the many conferences bringing AI to Blockchain, we strongly believe bringing the security elements learned from the science of the Blockchain to AI can be crucial to secure AI. Autonomous decentralized governance is a security model, its evolution has surpassed academia and is currently being manifested heavily within the Blockchains and Crypto community. Yet, many if not most AI practitioners are unaware of its existence, or its necessity to securing AI. Colliding these two disciplines can benefit the security of AI and subsequently the safety of humankind.

Toufi Saliba

Toufi's background is mainly in Machine Learning, Decentralized Governance, Distributed Computing, and Cryptography. He has authored and co-authored several algorithms, protocols, and patents. Toufi’s companies have had several exits for software that he built from ground up. He sits on multiple Silicon Valley startup boards, is the founder of the TodaQ foundation, and Chair of the ACM Practitioners Board Conference Committee. Currently, Toufi runs a startup factory and InfoSec advisory with Todd Gebhart (ex-Co-President of McAfee; Vice-Chairman of Intel Security) and Dann Toliver (ex-NASA scientist and cryptographer). The firm is called PrivacyShell Corp with offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Toronto. PrivacyShell's portfolio founders have an aggregate of over $27B in exits. PrivacyShell academic partners are growing, currently from Cornell, Stanford, Maryland, Technion, University of Toronto, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Berkley, and MIT. Toufi’s #1 goal in life is enhancing technology to help achieve global prosperity while building profitable businesses and enablements from within.