Code Reviews - From Bottleneck to Superpower with Michaela Greiler

In this talk, Michaela Greiler will talk about the most common pain points of code reviews: slow review turn-around times and low feedback quality. Many people intuitively assume a relationship between code review speed and feedback quality. And indeed, research clearly shows the impact review speed has on feedback quality.

But this is not the end of the story. Greiler worked with engineers from around the globe, including engineering teams at Microsoft, National Instruments, Metro Systems, and Wix. Through workshops, coaching, and consulting, she helps engineering teams transform their code reviews from a team’s bottlenecks to a team’s superpower.

In this talk, Greiler shares her insights and highlights code review best practices helping software engineering teams achieve their goals of increased software quality and code velocity.

After this talk, you know the outcome of the latest code review research, have an actionable list of best practices to boost your own code reviews, and you will know the secrets of high-performing teams and which strategies engineers at Microsoft or Google follow to ensure code reviews are fast and effective.

Michaela Greiler

Over the last 10 years, Michaela Greiler extensively researched and developed test, build, and code review techniques and tools that boost the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering teams. She worked with all major product teams at Microsoft, such as Office, Windows, and Visual Studio. Since starting her own consultancy and training business, she works with engineers around the world and companies such as National Instruments, Metro Systems, Wix, Blip, and many others to help engineers boost their code review practices.

She has a Ph.D. from Delft University of Technology in Software Engineering and received the Google Techmaker Award. She also runs the Software Engineering Unlocked podcast. Her research is published in several high-ranked scientific journals.