The Art of Concurrency in Go with Johnny Boursiquot

Go’s concurrency mechanism is one of the language's most attractive features. In this talk, we will code an increasingly sophisticated network utility to help us learn how best to take advantage of Go’s concurrency capabilities and how to avoid some of its pitfalls. You will walk away from this talk with a practical understanding of how Go does concurrency, and what working with the language looks and feels like.

Johnny Boursiquot Bio

Johnny Boursiquot is a multi-disciplined software engineer with over two decades of experience and a love for teaching and community-building. He stays busy as a trainer, speaker, and diversity advocate within the Go programming language community where he also frequently serves as podcast host, user group organizer, and conference program committee member. Johnny’s works appear on several publishing platforms, including O'Reilly and Packt. He has most recently also been a contributing author to the book 97 Things Every SRE Should Know. He is currently a Platform Observability Engineer at Salesforce’s Heroku.