Future of DevOps with Sasha Rosenbaum

The term DevOps first appeared in 2009, and since then has been used to describe a cultural shift, an engineering job title, and many products in the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery space. In this session, we will talk through the brief history of DevOps as a methodology, a set of technical skills, and an umbrella of technologies, and then dive into what the next 5 to 10 years are likely to look like in the DevOps space.

Rosenbaum Bio

Sasha Rosenbaum is a principal at Ergonautic. With a degree in Computer Science, an MBA, and two decades of experience across development, operations, product management, and technical sales, Sasha Rosenbaum brings a unique perspective to optimizing the organizational flow of work, bridging gaps with empathy and insight.