Integrating AWS Lambda with Your Majestic Monolith with Luke Closs

In this talk, you'll learn what AWS Lambda is and how it can be useful as you evolve the architecture of your applications.  We'll cover an overview of the technology, where and when you should consider using it, and practical considerations for deployment.  

Luke Closs

Luke Closs is a software developer turned entrepreneur, who has been building software for over 20 years. Luke's career started in 2G and 3G wireless networks, and he has since been involved in building products in enterprise security appliances, enterprise collaboration software, and other startups. In 2012, Luke turned a civic hackathon project into a real product and company that became ReCollect Systems. ReCollect is a communications platform for cities to communicate with residents about public works issues, such as solid waste and recycling, used by hundreds of municipalities across US, Canada, and the UK.