Ruby for the Nuby with David Black

To celebrate Ruby's 21st birthday (February 24), this TechTalk will introduce Ruby newcomers to the basics of the object-oriented, general-purpose language from Japan. Participants will get a flavor of the language, and will come away with enough of a grounding to give them a head start if they go on to pursue the study of Ruby.

Topics will include:

  •     Ruby's object model
  •     Message sending/method calls
  •     Classes and modules
  •     Variable syntax and usage
  •     Code blocks
  •     Strings and symbols
  •     Arrays and hashes
  •     Standard library highlights

David Black

Longtime Ruby developer, trainer, author, speaker, and community event organizer David A. Black is a Lead Developer at the New York-based consultancy Cyrus Innovation, which he joined in 2009. David speaks and keynotes frequently at technical conferences and user groups. His book The Well-Grounded Rubyist (Manning Publications, 2009; second edition forthcoming) is among the most highly regarded books on Ruby. David was one of the founders, and for many years a director, of Ruby Central, Inc., the parent organization of the official international Ruby and Ruby on Rails conferences. He is also a professionally trained cellist, and holds a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from New York University. David is a member of the ACM Professional Development Committee.