Ep17 Bryan Cantrill

In this episode of ACM ByteCast, Rashmi Mohan hosts Bryan Cantrill, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Oxide Computer Company and a past member of the ACM Queue Editorial Board. Previously, he was Vice President of Engineering and CTO at Joyent. He is known for his work on the award-winning DTrace software, a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for which he was included in MIT Technology Review’s TR35 (35 Top Young Innovators) list.

Bryan describes discovering computing as a kid growing up in the 80s and falling in love with the challenge of solving difficult problems and getting hard programs to work. He talks about DTrace, which he first conceived as an undergraduate at Brown University and co-designed at Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle). He also explains why he thinks open source will conquer every domain, his current challenge of designing a rack-scale computer for the enterprise, and much more.