Ep18 Mounia Lalmas

In this episode of ACM ByteCast, Rashmi Mohan hosts Mounia Lalmas, Director of Research and Head of Tech Research in Personalization at Spotify, leading a team of researchers in content personalization and discovery. Prior to that, she was Director of Research at Yahoo London. She also holds an Honorary Professorship at University College London. Mounia’s work focuses on studying user engagement in areas such as native advertising, digital media, social media, and search, and now audio (music and talk). She is a frequent conference speaker, author, and organizer whose research has appeared at many ACM (and other) conferences, including CIKM, RecSys, SIGIR, SIGKDD, UMAP, WSDM, WWW, and more.

Mounia relates her beginnings in computing as a young student growing up in Algeria, her love for mathematical abstraction, and passion for evaluation and user engagement. She also traces her interest in the field of information retrieval and highlights some of the challenges in building robust recommender systems for music lovers. Mounia and Rashmi also discuss the differences between academic and industrial research, the important role conferences and networking play in computing research, and what excites her most in the fields of personalization research and information retrieval.

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