Ep33 Neil Trevett

In this episode of ACM ByteCast, Rashmi Mohan hosts Neil Trevett, Vice President of Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA and the President of the Khronos Group, a nonprofit consortium publishing open standards in a variety of areas related to computer graphics. He has worked to bring about standardization in the graphics world, giving developers the ability to extend and expand the capabilities of their visual systems. His accomplishments include bringing interactive 3D graphics to the web, creation of the glTF format for 3D assets, and recently founding the Metaverse Standards Forum.

Neil talks about what drew him to computer science and how he became interested in the visual impact of 3D graphics, a field in which he has spent most of his career. He unpacks the evolution of computer graphics and discusses his role at NVIDIA, where his work focuses on helping developers make good use of GPUs. He also explains the benefits of standardization in industry and how open standards can enable innovation and interoperability. Neil also explains how 3D is changing the landscape of e-commerce and online shopping and gives his perspective on the Metaverse and how it can leverage other disruptive technologies.

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