Horizontal Leadership: Practical Lessons for Driving Company-Wide Strategy and Action with Eve Andersson

Eve Andersson leads Google’s company-wide accessibility program, which touches hundreds of products and teams across many departments. Eve will share lessons learned for leaders and aspiring leaders of large-scale initiatives that cut across organizational boundaries, requiring influence without authority, empowering people to drive change, and creating the systems and tools to support them.

Eve Andersson

Eve Andersson is Senior Director, Accessibility, at Google, and she is a member of the ACM Practitioner Board. Prior to joining Google, Andersson was Senior Vice President of Academics at Neumont University. She also co-founded ArsDigita Corporation, an open-source software company that was acquired by Red Hat, and she was Visiting Professor of Computer Science at Universidad Galileo in Guatemala City. Eve has co-authored two books: Software Engineering for Internet Applications (MIT Press, 2006) and Early Adopter VoiceXML (Wrox Press, 2001). Eve holds Engineering degrees from Caltech and U.C. Berkeley and an MBA in Finance from Wharton. She is based in San Francisco; prior to this, she lived in Argentina, Guatemala, the UK, and various US cities.