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ACM members and non-member alike are welcome to attend our popular series of free Learning Webinars by expert industry professionals, distinguished ACM award laureates, and visionary researchers from industry and academia. Focused on keeping our global audience of busy practitioners at the forefront of technical trends, professional development, and emerging technologies, the webinars are also popular with students and educators. Recent talks have covered topics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Science, Blockchain, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, JavaScript, Microservices, Python, Quantum Computing, and more. Registration is free and the webinars can be attended both live and on-demand, on desktop and mobile devices. Check this page frequently for upcoming events as well as our on-demand archive. To subscribe to our webinar announcements, email

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What Can Kotlin Do for Me? with Hadi Hariri

By now, you've probably heard of Kotlin and may have even taken a look at some of its features. And you might be wondering what the big deal is. Sure, it's got some nicer syntax—and what else? The thing about Kotlin though is that it's not about a list of features but how, together and in harmony, these features lead to a more enjoyable and productive development experience. In this talk, we're going to focus on showing why Kotlin solves some of the pain points you often encounter when writing code—be it Android, Server, or any other type of software development.

ACM Learning Center Webinar Archive

ACM award winners, leading researchers, industry veterans, thought leaders, and innovators address today and tomorrow's hottest topics and issues in computing for busy practitioners, as well as educators, students, and researchers. Check out our archive of these ACM Learning Webinars, free for members and non-members alike.

Webinars on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Talks from some of the leading visionaries and bleeding-edge researchers in AI/ML: Fei-Fei Li on visual intelligence in computers and ImageNet; Eric Horvitz on AI solutions in the open world; and Tom Mitchell on using ML to study how the brain creates and represents language.

Grady Booch on the History of Software Engineering

View the most recent ACM Learning Webinar, "The History of Software Engineering," on demand. This talk is presented by Grady Booch, ACM Fellow and Chief Scientist for Software Engineering, IBM Research. Will Tracz, Lockheed Martin Fellow Emeritus and former chair of ACM SIGSOFT, moderated the Q&A following the talk. Continue the discussion and checkout further resources on our Discourse page.

Image of Grady Booch

Toufi Saliba Talks AI and Blockchain

View the ACM Learning Center Webinar, "Is Blockchain a Branch of AI?" on demand. This special talk is presented by Toufi Saliba, CEO at PrivacyShell and Chair of the ACM Practitioners Board Conference Committee. A moderated Q&A follows the talk. Continue the discussion on ACM's Discourse Page. And check out ACM AiDecentralized, a practitioner-oriented conference focusing on the intersection of A.I. and Blockchain featuring some of the world's top experts moving these technologies forward, including ACM A.M. Turing laureate Silvio Micali, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Iraki Beridze, and former Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Lila Tretikov.

Image of Toufi Saliba